Mansi Jasuja


Originating from India and living in the Netherlands since the year 2000 has given her the privilege to be a part of multiple worlds. She uses the opportunities of having this cultural duality for co-creating creative solutions, networking and facilitating processes. Being a natural networker with strong communications skills, Mansi likes to bring people together and work in international settings.  What gives her a lot of energy are interactions and conversations that involve catalysing change and incite soul-searching. Using yoga & mindfulness as a means to unite mind, body and nature, Mansi loves to inspire people to move towards purposeful and meaningful contribution towards a sustainable and eventually a happier world. 

In her own words, "IHS International Network is an incredible platform! Elected as the President of the IHSAI in 2014, I’ve worked with many amazing IHS alumni in the last years. I would love to continue to tap the potential within the urban leaders in this network who have such a rich and diverse set of skills & abilities. In fact, each and every one of the IHS alumni is an urban leader and do’er - each with their own story. We need to share these stories - because these stories are the way forward by being crucial to exchange knowledge and to learn from each other!"

Mansi Jasuja is an urban environmental professional working in the field of climate resilience and urban development. As an independent consultant, she works closely with several organisations including the Royal Dutch Waternetwork (KNW) for whom she has setup and she is coordinating a national-level mentorship program for the water sector. She’s involved in several capacity building and skills development projects. International projects that she has managed or worked on have focused on various aspects of water: including water & sanitation; building water resilience as well as on urban issues of poverty, low cost sustainable housing in developing countries, micro-finance and performance based building. 

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