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#15 BioFlux
Paul Préaux, Belgium


Paul Préaux, Belgium

Initiative's goal and main activities 

BioFlux strives to become a key player in making cities carbon-negative whilst also making urban environments more resilient in the face of climate change and socio-economic factors. BioFlux offers end-to-end green waste solutions that help reduce a company’s operational costs and improve their value chain, all whilst decreasing their carbon footprint and increasing their energy independence.

Concretely, BioFlux makes use of pyrolysis equipment to gasify biomass to produce renewable energy and a carbon-based product known as biochar. Pyrolysis refers to the heating up of biomass in the absence of oxygen, doing so biomass will thermally decompose. This self-sufficient system generates excess gases that are transformed into electricity and heat. This energy can be used on-site and/or sold directly on the market.

The waste stream resulting from this is a product called biochar, biochar is an extremely versatile product offering a myriad of benefits for different industries. BioFlux primarily targets companies involved in green waste collection, focusing on clients with access to large quantities of biomass. BioFlux works with clients to analyse their waste streams and offer tailored pyrolysis solutions that meet their needs (i.e. energy), all whilst efficiently integrating the solution into their value chain. In doing so, BioFlux greatly reduces costs related to the treatment of waste streams all whilst creating new revenue streams, reducing overall operational costs.

 Additionally, BioFlux produces biochar, a versatile carbon-based product that reduces the carbon footprint of its clients. In doing so, bioflux also generates ready-to-use renewable energy on-site.

In order to get to the next level, the project needs:

In order to reach the next level, we want our solution to be analysed and challenged by experts. We believe that constantly being questioned and challenged on our solution will make us stronger. Being challenged by experts across various sectors would also help make BioFlux more resilient and allow us to future-proof our solution. Finally, in order to reach the next level, BioFlux needs to secure funding. With the necessary funding, BioFux will be able to purchase installations to be implemented across various waste collection sites in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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