Refresher courses

IHS organises regularly refresher courses for alumni, with the financial support provided by Nuffic. These courses usually last two weeks and they are organised in collaboration with a local organisation that might benefit from the expertise of IHS staff and alumni.

The role of these courses is to refresh and perfect the experience and knowledge of alumni and bring in current international policy practices and issues that have emerged since they participated in IHS courses. In these very interactive courses, attendees can leverage on their own experience and often this generates a quick assessment of the regional situation. This makes for a great networking opportunity and it helps estimate the impact of their previous study experience at IHS.

Image by Hana El Zohiry

Refresher Course Egypt

Towards Sustainable Food Security: Promoting inclusive urban agriculture in the context of land constraints and challenges



13-24 June, 2021

Application deadline: 23 May, 2021