Urban Professional and Youth Awards Winners 2020

Aakarsh Shamanur

Youth Urban Professional Award Special Recognition

Aakarsh Shamanur


Founder of #BePolite


According to WIEGO, approximately 2% of the population in India are street vendors. Most of them lack access to necessary infrastructure & facilities.

Aakarsh’s initiative aims not only to provide Street Vendors with renewable energy but also to combine Cultural Values with Clean Energy Solutions by enabling people to celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly & inclusive way. In 2017 he implemented his idea, and today he employs 3 Volunteers who help to operationalize the workflow.

With his initiative, Aakarsh tackles Renewable Energy, Sustainable Cities & Livelihoods, Inclusive Urban Development, Women Empowerment & Safety issues.

Aakarsh has managed to gain the attention of the Urban Local Bodies to address various issues of Street Vendors. He is currently working on providing a digital platform & creating vending zones for the vendors. He empowers those who play a crucial role in the Urban Economy. Aakarsh found an alternative to bursting firecrackers during Diwali-Festival of lights and spreading the light to Women Street Vendors by gifting them a Solar powered light.

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