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Mentorship Programme

The mentorship programme is a 6-week pilot track which gives students and alumni the opportunity to establish a connection. We believe that linking urbanists across generations is an efficient way of learning and networking.

 How does it work? 

Alumni help out the current students and fresh graduates with regards to making the most of their study experience, starting off on a new professional path after graduation and settling in the Netherlands or back home.

Become a Mentee

What do you do as a Mentee?


Being a mentee requires being proactive and involved. This activity is an investment in your development and it implies owning your responsibility for your input and share of the outcome. You need to welcome new experiences and be open to trying new strategies and ways of thinking. Being willing to step out of your comfort zone and letting go of perfectionism will be good mindsets to start this journey with. 


In the beginning, you will have to provide input about your profile, needs, and goals, in order to find the best mentor for yourself and to utilize your time together in the most relevant and efficient manner. Further, to get optimum results from this mentoring programme, you will have to respect the agreed-upon rules, meeting times, and way of collaborating. Prepare in advance, ask pertinent questions and understand the scope of the discussions with your mentor. 

Examples of topics you could ask about:

  • Ask for help related to your study programme - core period, specialisation tracks, thesis;

  • Ask for tips on studying, networking, exploring the city, dealing with Dutch culture and norms etc.;

  • Ask about accessing a professional network, international organisation or event;

  • Ask about integrating knowledge and skills gained at IHS when going back to work;

  • Ask about the Dutch or local job market of your country and finding a job.


How can mentoring benefit you?

  • Expand your professional and social networks.

  • Create connections through relevant dialogues on mutual topics of interest.

  • Offer the chance to find a role model and learn from their experience.

  • Help you boost your profile through valuable feedback and advice.

  • Expose you to a different type of learning environment 

  • Provide guidance and reduce stress related to your future path.

Become a Mentor


What do you do as a Mentor?


As a mentor, you take on a guiding role and support the mentee by drawing insights from your own experience, both as a student at IHS and as a working professional.


A mentor listens and supports while maintaining a somewhat distant position. They encourage independent action and motivate the mentee, without turning into a coach, trainer, teacher, or therapist, but simply by sharing their own experience and knowledge.


Mentors act as a sounding board for the mentee's ideas, provide constructive criticism, and address questions that challenge a fixed mindset. They bring new angles to an issue and provide opportunities for reflection. Mentors do not impose their point of view or turn into problem-solvers for the mentee, but stick to guidance and support.

What is the format?

  • You choose the meeting dates and times according to your availability, as well as the preferred medium for the one-on-one talks.

  • Meeting frequency is decided together with the mentee (~30 min/week)

  • IHS Alumni International does the matching based on the application forms.

What is the profile of a Mentor?

  • Willingness, ability, and time to mentor

  • Has the extensive professional experience to draw from; is a good networker.

  • For alumni in the NL: is established in the NL and is able to share about the complex experience with cultural integration, job hunting, and workplace culture.

  • Is an excellent communicator with good interpersonal skills, and a good listener.

  • Respects diversity and honours interpersonal differences.


Why be a Mentor?

  • Improve your leadership and communication skills.

  • Gain insights about various fields of the urban sector from recent graduates.

  • Broaden your network, gain fresh perspectives and learn to see things differently.

  • Give back to IHS and bring a positive impact on someone's career path.

Application Deadline

The application for both programs is ongoing but the current cohort is closed, thus future applicants will be matched in a new batch in 2023.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please address them to:

Dhruv Bahl

Coordinator of the Pilot Mentorship Programme

Global Network Builder, IHS Alumni International Board

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