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The Alumni Relations Office

After 60 years of making cities work, IHS covers a network of over 9000 urban professionals worldwide. A network that encompasses a wealth of experience, knowledge and coverage in our field of work. After all, our alumni are the people who make cities work. Whether policymakers,

city-planners or consultants, they are also our colleagues, contacts and professional network.

The IHS Alumni Relations Office works towards the development of an active alumni community, where people all over the world who share common roots at IHS can come together and learn from each other.

Share your own story.

We're always happy and curious to hear from you, to gather stories and help the world find out by publishing them on the blog. Do you want to contribute to the blog or newsletter? Please share with us your professional achievements or projects that you are passionate about, case studies or challenges in your career. You can find the guidelines for the blog here

Stay in touch, stay social.


A great means to stay in touch with us and to network with your fellow alumni internationally is via LinkedIn. Please sign in or create your own account on LinkedIn and join the IHS Urban Professionals group! You can also add fellow colleagues who are interested in urban topics.

We also host an official IHS Alumni Group on Facebook called "IHS Alumni International". We update these groups with news on vacancies, calls for publications, conferences and other news. This group is for IHS Alumni only.

If you want to help the alumni community grow, join these online groups, give your opinion in open discussions and post your own stories.

Update your contact information

You can also stay up-to-date through our bi-annual newsletter, in which you can read about alumni events, local alumni associations, activities and achievements of alumni, updates about things that happen at IHS, information on conferences and talks, relevant calls for papers etc. 


In order to keep in touch, communicate and exchange information, it is very important to have your correct contact details. Have you lost touch with IHS or have you recently changed your contact information? Fill out this form to update it.

Missing IHS?

If you want to find out what else is happening at IHS, read the news, find out about newer courses or other information, check out the corporate website here.

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