Alumni International Board

The Board of IHS Alumni International is responsible for the sustainability of the Network. They are empowered to make and administer policies and procedures as necessary to maintain the Network. The Board may support the establishment of local IHS Alumni Associations and establish policies for their relationship to IHS Alumni International. 

In the following years of their mandate, the current board aims to:

  • Develop a closer relationship between IHS and its alumni

  • Support IHS alumni to be better connected locally and regionally to other alumni

  • Be able to better know where alumni are, what they are doing, and what they are interested in

  • Be able to provide tailored services, based on the needs and wishes of alumni 

  • Be able to support alumni professionally

  • Hold refresher courses, workshops, webinars or other knowledge sharing

  • Search for opportunities and cooperation on projects between alumni and IHS

  • Provide recognition for the work and achievements of IHS alumni

The current board has five members: Mansi Jasuja (President), Yanu Ramirez (Vice-president), Eduardo Zdanowicz (Communications, Events and Social Media), Justin Hyatt (Community and Network Builder) and Charmae Nercua (representative of the IHS Alumni Relations Office, which acts as a Secretariat for the board).

Read the latest letter of the president to the network below:

"Dear IHS Alumni,

It’s still spring time in this part of the world – the time for new beginnings! I’d like to use this opportunity to inform you about the commencement of some of the exciting ventures by the alumni board.

The board members of the IHSAI alumni international network – Yanu Ramirez, Justin Hyatt, Eduardo Zdanowicz, Charmae Nercua and I met together as a group for the first time in November 2017 in Rotterdam. Over the next days, we developed our planning for our term and we have been working hard on following through on those plans.

One of the first questions that we faced as a board was who are our alumni, what are the challenges they face, what do they need and like. In order to answer those questions we have sent out last week a diagnostic survey (click to fill it in), led by our network and community builder, Justin. The analysis of the reactions will help us to provide those services that you need and those that will make our network stronger. The survey has already got astounding reactions. However, if you have not filled in the survey yet, I urge you to do so because this is your chance to let us know about you!

To aid us in this quest for strengthening our local connection with the alumni and IHS Local Alumni Associations, we have sought help of some very involved and enthusiastic alumni in various regions. These alumni have kindly consented to serve as the boards Regional Advisers. We thank and welcome Randy Wilson (Ghana), Sonia Islam (Bangladesh), Destri (Indonesia), Donia Tawakol (Egypt)."

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 Charmae Nercua 

 Alumni Relations Officer 

 Mansi Jasuja


 Justin Hyatt 

 Community and Network Builder 

 Yanu Ramirez 


 Eduardo Zdanowicz 


 Events & Social Media 

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