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IHS Alumni Impact Award

About the Award


The IHS Alumni Impact Award is a biennial initiative of the IHS Alumni Board (the representative body of the IHS Alumni International Community), organized in partnership with IHS.


The Award, founded in 2012, aims to showcase and support worldwide initiatives and projects of IHS alumni, which make an impact on the local community. It is a celebration of city changers and inspiring urban initiatives.

The next edition of the award will take place in November 2024, in Cairo, Egypt, during the World Urban Forum.

Upcoming edition and eligibility criteria

The competition is open to all IHS Alumni worldwide (with priority to projects from African countries) who are founders (or members of the core team) of a small-scale project or initiative in a city. To compete, alumni must fill in the form and submit their urban initiative or project for evaluation. Alumni cannot apply for or recommend projects or initiatives from third parties. They must be involved in the initiative themselves.

Any small-scale urban project or initiative (whether formal or informal) is welcome, as long as it is centred on creating an impact on the local urban environment. The project needs to be aligned with SDG11 and the three core themes of the World Urban Forum: urban Sustainability, Resilience and Inclusion.

The initiative must already exist and be active in the local community.


The entries will be subjected to public voting, as well as an expert jury evaluation, which will result in three finalists being selected. The finalists will be invited to attend the award event during the World Urban Forum, where the winning initiative will be announced. 

Apply before the 12th of April!

Procedure & Steps
Award process graph.png

The latest edition took place in Katowice, Poland, in June 2022, during the World Urban Forum. See the candidates from the past edition.

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