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IHS Alumni Impact Award

The IHS Alumni Impact Award is a biennial initiative of the IHS Alumni Board (the representative body of the IHS Alumni International Community), organized in partnership with IHS. The Award, founded in 2012, aims to showcase and support worldwide initiatives and projects of IHS alumni, which bring an impact on the local community. It is a celebration of city changers and inspiring urban initiatives.

The 2022 edition will take place in Poland this June, during the World Urban Forum. This edition is a renewed version of the previous "IHS Alumni International Urban Professional and Youth Awards". More information about the event itself will follow soon.

See the entries and winner of the 2022 edition



Steps & procedure

awards infographic.JPG

The Urban Impact Award is open to IHS Alumni worldwide, who are founders 

(or members of the core team) of a small-scale urban project or initiative.


Alumni cannot apply with or recommend projects or initiatives from 3rd parties.

They must be involved in the initiative themselves.

Any small-scale urban project or initiative (whether formal or informal) is welcome,

as long as it brings a positive impact on the local community. Any project or initiative related to social issues, poverty alleviation, support for marginalized groups, environment, infrastructure, housing, land, or local economy can be a good candidate.

The initiative must already exist and be active in the local community.


The 2022 edition has ended. See the candidates.


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