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Our services: what do we do?

Online community


As most IHS alumni live outside the Netherlands and are spread accross continents, The Alumni Relations Office (ARO) gives special attention to growing our online community. To keep you updated, we send a newsletter twice a year, featuring alumni events and reunions, news on country local alumni associations, activities of alumni (achievements, publications, projects,etc.), news on IHS activities (courses, refresher courses, projects, trainings, etc.), information on conferences and talks, call for papers relevant for alumni.

ARO staff also moderate the alumni groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, support the @ihsrotterdamalumni Instagram account and administer the alumni website and blog. These are all channels where you can join and actively participate. Go here for more tips.

Library Access


All IHS alumni are eligible to use the library facilities at IHS for free (access books & magazines, use the computers, and access digital resources, films etc.)

In order to use the library you can request a free library membership card by registering with the librarians preferably before leaving IHS. This entitles you also to loan up to 5 books while staying in the Netherlands.

As registered alumni you may also request a search service in which the information managers at the IHS library can help you find the information and resources you need. This should be done via e-mail. We count on your understanding that due to limited availability, this needs to be limited to 2-3 search requests per year per person. 

Note: access to the library digital sources will not be possible from the external. Only the IHS publications and the thesis series can be downloaded. We are working on making all IHS theses available in the future. You can access the library catalogue here


Events & Refresher Courses


The ARO Office organises various events and refresher courses. The main events we are involved in are alumni days, alumni meetings (organized by ARO whenever IHS staff is travelling), alumni reunions, refresher courses and tailor-made trainings.


Support for founding a local IHS Alumni Association


The IHS Alumni Relations Office encourages all alumni to become active in the Network of IHS Alumni International or in their local IHS Alumni Association. In some cases these local associations already exist, in other parts, alumni might want to form their own informal group. The Alumni Relations Office can support you in these developments.

We can organise an introduction call to discuss guidelines and a Memorandum of Understanding with IHS for your local association. Other type of support relates to organising local meetings in the framework of IHS local staff missions, yearly updates on relevant information per country and region, meaning information on graduates from the respective country.

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