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Dhruv Bahl,

Dhruv Bahl.jpg

“The impact of an institution is measured by the influence of its members, or in this case, its alumni.  We at IHS are privileged to have esteemed and distinguished alumni who are leaders in their fields. This board is fortunate to be able to work to further strengthen the connections between all the alumni and work towards making the world a better place.”

Dhruv Bahl is an architect, urbanist, and researcher who has lived and practised in Rotterdam, Paris, New York, India and Mexico. A graduate of the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies, he has actively participated in and contributed to several studies of urbanism and urban policy.

His interest and knowledge about urban policy and different models of urbanism have led to international

collaborations in the past, which have resulted in publications and articles in various national and international publications and participation in various panel discussions.

He believes in the fundamental transformative power of a network and is looking forward to further strengthening the IHS global alumni network through meaningful interactions and programs. 

Interests: Network building, Housing, Incremental housing, Assisted self-help housing.

Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi.


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