External Alumni Networks

Staying in touch

EUR Connect: the Erasmus Alumni Network


If you studied at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, you are officially part of a valuable global network of over 120,000 former students. They are economists, philosophers, doctors, historians, lawyers, entrepreneurs social scientists and urban managers, who form a strong and diverse network of professionals that benefits knowledge, career and professional development. 

If you would like to stay informed about news, research and events, to stay connected to the university, join EUR Connect. This is an online community of alumni, students, scientists and (former) employees of EUR, where you can find out about the latest news happening on campus and outside of it, network with other former colleagues and alumni of other faculties, students and staff. We look forward to meeting you on our online platform (EUR Connect), at one of the EUR Alumni events around the globe or back on campus in Rotterdam.

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Holland Alumni network


During your studies in the Netherlands, you will most likely build a strong network of friends, acquaintances and valuable professional connections. It is important to keep these contacts further and make use of the valuable bridges you built, whether you stay, return to your home country or leave for another country. 

The Holland Alumni network, facilitated by Nuffic, is an international network for Holland Alumni, international students, higher education institutions and the Dutch business society. Through the network you can connect with fellow alumni and students from your home country, your scholarship programme, your Dutch host institution or your area of expertise.

Apart from connecting with peers, the network also gives you the opportunity to:

  • join activities from existing Holland alumni networks in your home country;

  • stay informed about upcoming alumni events around the world.

  • browse internships, job vacancies and career opportunities in Holland

Join the Holland Alumni network at www.hollandalumni.nl