Alumni board &
recruitment & selection

Being part of the IHS Alumni International Board

 As the alumni board wraps up its 2-year term, we are in the process of selecting new members for this team and we're excited to share this update with you all!

General details

Term duration:2 years

Starting in: Jan 2023

Team size: 4 members

Location: the Netherlands (president)/internationally

Language: English 


This is a voluntary position, therefore there is no direct monthly financial compensation.


However, we do offer a quarterly compensation  of € 100/quarter, provided that the points

stated in the ToR are being fulfilled, as well as travel & commuting expenses within the Netherlands and a small budget for professional development trainings & conferences.

Applications are now closed.



Role description

The president of the alumni board represents the network and is a key person liaising between IHS Alumni Relations Office and the global alumni community. They are responsible for planning and managing the board activity.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Represent the alumni network

  • Coordinate the alumni board

  • Liaise with the Alumni Relations Office

  • Support engagement & visibility activities at a network level

  • Hold board meetings (organization, facilitation, minutes etc.)

  • Outline strategies and actions for further development of the alumni network

  • Together with the ARO, develop visibility and engagement strategies for the network

  • Implement those strategies together with the rest of the board, ARO and active alumni

  • Create content for online alumni channels