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Urban Professional and Youth Awards Winners 2020

Poonam Bir Kasturi

Urban Professional Award Special Recognition

Poonam Bir Kasturi


Founder, Designer & Compostwali of Daily Dump


Poonam & her team are changing the world one compost pot at a time! Since the past decade, management systems. Poonam, a graduate from the premier design institute: National Institute of Design in India has developed an indigenous way of segregating wet waste and aerobic through their terracotta pots and community composters. Poonam’s Daily Dump initiative offsets nearly 42,000kg of wet waste from landfill each day thus mitigating the negative impact of waste!

To strengthen peoples' awareness of sustainable urban management and development on international, regional level, national or local level, Daily Dump has not only revived the tradition of pottery since the composters are made up of a local material called terracotta, it has also portrayed how a simple design solution can solve a growing crisis while also driving economies. The Daily Dump family offsets nearly 42,000kg of wet waste from landfill each day! Daily Dump has presence in a few cities spread across 13 states in India!

Nationally, Poonam was felicitated by the Prime Minister of India- Mr. Narendra Modi in July 2018. She received the Swacch (clean) Entrepreneurship Award. Over the years, Daily Dump has received a lot of attention from the community and the press. Poonam was chosen to be a TED fellow at TED India in 2009 Nov. She was conferred the Amazing Indian award in 2013. She received the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Schwab Foundation of the World Economic Forum in 2016.

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