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Urban Professional and Youth Awards Winners 2020

Ritwajit Das

Youth Urban Professional Award Special Recognition

Ritwajit Das


Chief Strategist South Asia and Country Lead-India

Strategy at Global Call for Climate Action

Ritwajit is working on sustainable urban development issues across the globe. In India, he was one of the lead anchors to launch Healthy Air Coalition Network for the city of Bengaluru in India. Bengaluru is home to information technology companies, and multinationals such as Google, Apple, Intel, IBM, Cisco and Adobe, the city provides careers for over a third of India’s 2.5 million IT professionals. But this rapid growth comes with a cost. As 77% of India is exposed to pollution, the so-called Silicon Valley of India is considered to be a part of a cause.

Ritwajit was responsible for establishing Coalition’s network of 40 air quality-monitoring devices installed across the city. This network includes monitors in 15 different locations in the city. Ritwajit has worked closely with Bengaluru Municipal Corporation and urban health centres and specifically with doctors’ groups to lead the air quality campaign in a town.

Ritwajit has set up a city-based air quality campaign for Bengaluru, has built a city-based air quality campaign and has synergized with other national campaign having durable air quality as an agenda. Ritwajit was the core strategist behind the launch of first and one of its kind campaigns. For that and much more in 2019 he received Dr ABJ Abdul Kalam Sadhvana Award for Climate Change, Sustainable Development Goals and Urban Sustainability by International Business Council.

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