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Urban Professional and Youth Awards Winners 2020


Urban Professional Award Winner



Architect, Urbanist & Professor


SK Das attended Sir JJ College of Architecture, University of Mumbai in the early 1970’s. After the educational university years, he travelled to Europe and started working at IHS as a Senior Faculty member and Project Leader. His job at IHS involved teaching, consultant and research advisory services and designing courses related to Housing Design and Physical Planning topics. He also helped the organization setting up the Human Settlements Management Institute (HSMI) that provided training for Asian and African professionals.

After the fruitful years at IHS, SK Das returned to India and founded the SK Das Associated Architects and the Habitat Urban Transformations Lab later on. These companies are considered to be an intellectual and activist place to practice architecture, planning and urban design that respond to pressing contemporary challenges. Their article called Challenges for the Habitat III Urban Agenda was indeed discussed by the Core Group of UN Habitat and quoted in the Urban Agenda.

Das has earned his place amongst the best Indian urban professionals. In the 1990’s he was elected as the Vice President of the International Society of Cities and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) and was several times chosen to be an USIS exchange visitor at the Eisenhower and Chettle Fellow University of Sydney. He also received the national award for community architecture from the Ministry of Urban Development and his reconstruction work with CARE-India was listed among the 100 best practices by UN Habitat.

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