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Rocio Valeria Leyva
Communication Coordinator

Valeria Leyva-Reyes.jpg

Valeria Leyva is passionate about cities, urban mobility, and sustainable and human-scale
development. She is a Mexican Architect who came to the Netherlands to pursue the MSc in
Urban Management and Development at the Institute For Housing And Urban Development
Studies (IHS).

Currently, she holds the position of Communication and Promotion Coordinator at Bicycle User Experience (BUX). Her role involves promoting BUX's courses and training programs to assist urban mobility specialists in developing practical bike infrastructure. She aims to engage with the audience and encourage meaningful conversations about the user's experience. 

In the past, she worked at BYCS as part of the Communication and Networks team. During this time, she was the voice of cycling movements, advocates, and organizations which aimed to demonstrate the positive impact of bike usage on the way we perceive the city.

.Her experience has given her an open mind that challenges the status quo, and her passion for urban mobility and sustainable development drives her to continue making a positive impact on the world around her.

Languages: Spanish, English


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