Mission & Vision

of IHS Alumni International

The mission of IHS Alumni International (IHS AI) is to promote effective integrated sustainable urban management and development by creating and
maintaining relations between IHS alumni and IHS and the world, through networking and knowledge sharing, to promote career growth and development.

The goals of IHS AI are to maintain and promote the formation of IHS Alumni Associations around the world, and to provide a platform to support active interaction between them, IHS and the urban world.


  1. To create, maintain and enhance professional and social relations between IHS Alumni, Local Alumni Associations, current participants and IHS.

  2. To initiate activities that will facilitate advancement of knowledge and learning experiences relevant to career growth and development of IHS Alumni.

  3. To initiate activities that will promote exchange of experiences and enhance social interactions among IHS Alumni and Local Alumni Associations.

  4. To initiate activities that will enable IHS Alumni and Alumni Associations to actively participate in the improvement of Urban Management and Development.


"Sharing urban knowledge"

Core values:

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Partnership and Networking

  • Professionalism