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Alumni Impact Award

The IHS Alumni Impact Award is a biennial initiative of the IHS Alumni Board and IHS. The Award, founded in 2012, aims to showcase and support worldwide initiatives and projects of IHS alumni, which bring an impact on the local community. It is a celebration of city changers and inspiring urban initiatives.

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The 2022 edition took place during the World Urban Forum, in Poland. 22 candidates have submitted their projects. The public vote, along with jury deliberations, determined the top three projects, which will be featured in a training event at the World Urban Forum. The winner is Mariana Fiuza, from Brazil. 

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The main goal of the project is to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases emitted in Teresina, by composting organic waste that would otherwise end up in the city’s landfill. The team aims to change the way the region deals with such matters generated by local inhabitants and businesses. To achieve this goal, É de Sol offers an on-demand composting service.

GEARTH 4.0 Intelligent System
Esthela Maria Espinoza, Ecuador

The goal of the project is to develop an intelligent system (software) to generate, organize, keep, integrate and capitalize data, information, knowledge and experiences, to intervene in the production, use, transformation and management processes of bio-cultural spaces of neighbourhoods and communities.

DSEU Lighthouse Foundational Program.jpeg
Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) - Lighthouse Program
Aditya Ajith, India

This project aims to build sustainable livelihoods for youth from marginalised, low-income communities towards an aspirational future through skill development. The DSEU Lighthouse offers high-quality, short-term vocational skilling courses and is a step towards solving the unemployment crisis in India.

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#7 Fizzo Telebwe Chidakwa


#15 Paul

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