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Urban Professional and Youth Awards Winners 2020

Claudia Lopez Hernandez

Distinguished Alumni Award Winner

Claudia Lopez


Mayor of Bogota, IHS Alumna


Claudia López, IHS alumna and recently elected mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, has been granted the Distinguished IHS Alumni Award, for her accomplishments in the urban sphere of Colombia.

We are honoured to celebrate this historic moment and proud to have had her twice as a participant in our short courses. At IHS, Claudia completed the Sustainable Urban Development course, specialized in Urban Land Governance (formerly known as the International Course on Housing and Urban Development) as well as the Land Management and Informal Settlement Regularisation (the predecessor of the current Transitions to Land-based Financing).

Also a graduate of Universidad Externado and Columbia University, Claudia won a neck to neck race against all conservative men in conservative Colombia. Her anti-corruption agenda, vocal criticism of the current administration and strong popularity among young women and LGTBI voters consolidated her lead.

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