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#13 Strengthening greenhouse production systems in Bole Sub-city, Ethiopia
Meron Woldeyohannise, Ethiopia

Strengthening greenhouse production systems in Bole Sub-city, Ethiopia

Meron Woldeyohannise, Ethiopia

Initiative's goal

The goal of the project is to increase the local youth's livelihoods in urban settings through the promotion of affordable and sustainable green house production systems.

Main activities

1. Preparation and organization assess and select main infrastructure required in order to build green house production system

  • assess and select the project area suitability for horticulture production and the opportunity to further scaled out

  • conduct environmental analysis

  • design suitable green house

  • communicate with relevant stakeholders. Consultative workshop with key stakeholders and organize community conversation programme are mandatory for communicating about the project importance.

  • identify and prepare irrigation system for greenhouse cultivation

  • identify required purchasing materials and equipments

2. Implementations

  • prepare and fumigation of the land for constructing the green houses

  • purchasing required materials and equipments for green house

  • establish green houses

  • install drip irrigation system

  • purchase and install collapsible water tank

  • train the benefiters on vertical farming and drip irrigation system

  • train the benefiters on green house harvesting and post-harvest handling practices • train the benefiters on social entrepreneurship and marketing development plan

  • purchase seedlings equipments and materials

  • supply seed for the project benefiters

3. Monitoring and evaluation

  • monitor the project progress

  • evaluate the impact of the project in accordance with the success indicator framework

4. Scaling up

  • collect practical data on the potential to increase the horticulture production c

  • train the producer on self-sufficient water systems

  • business linkage creations

  • assess and identify project scale out opportunities

In order to get to the next level, the project needs:

  • train the producer on maintenance and utilization of green house and drip irrigation system irrigation

  • train the producer on social entrepreneurship and marketing plan development

  • assist the producer in order to install standard green house that control the environment

  • assist the producer for effective irrigation system development (self-sufficient water systems development by designing an irrigation system development from the nearby river called Akaki river)

  • market linkage creation

  • advice the produce for integrating their project with Ethiopian land development plan

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