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#14 My way, Greenway 

Nivesh Dugar, Nepal

My way, Greenway

Nivesh Dugar, Nepal


Initiative's goals

1. Development of Mobile Application "Greenway" that promotes cycling and other environment-friendly activities.

2. Assist the local government by doing a rapid assessment of the feasibility of the development of a cycle-friendly city.

3. Finalizing a business model on how to self sustain the initiative.

4. Provide Cash incentives to people for using cycling as a means of commuting on the basis of the kilometres recorded on the application.

Main activities

1. Conducting cycle rally to aware people about cycling and showcasing them about the amount of carbon saved.

2. Development of Cycle policies for the local governmental agencies to make their approach align with sustainable urban mobility.

3. Provide training to students, women on how to ride bicycle on the roads.

4. Collaborate with environment friendly and sustainable bussiness and showcase their products over the mobile application

In order for the initiative to get to the next level, the business model needs to be fully functional. The business we have thought of is Public Bicycle Sharing. This would open up more jobs for people as well as infrastructure for people who do not have cycles to commute around. Additionally, we are even expanding our initiative to provide information and tracking on tree plantation and zero waste.

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