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#16 Ultra Violet-C Irradiation Based Disinfection System, a product based initiative, developed by WatCities
Rahfatun Nisa Nova, Netherlands

Ultra Violet-C Irradiation Based Disinfection System, a product based initiative, developed by WatCities

Rahfatun Nisa Nova, Netherlands

Initiative's goals  

Some of the leading development organizations from the Bangladeshi wash sector produce handmade, low-cost, biodegradable sanitary napkins for low-income communities who have minimum knowledge and access to healthy menstrual hygiene.

 The nature of the handmade production has a significant risk of Microbial contamination, specially while handling the raw materials. In this context, WatCities partners with these organizations to provide its affordable Ultra Violet-C Irradiation Based Disinfection System to disinfect the locally made low-cost sanitary napkins. It ensures a healthy standard of menstrual hygiene for the poor communities of Bangladesh.

 This initiative aims to establish hygienic menstrual health as a fundamental right for a significant number of the female population. Besides supporting the production of handmade, biodegradable sanitary napkins, this initiative helps minimize plastic pollution.

Main activities

WatCities partners with different development organizations in the Bangladeshi wash sector and provides necessary technical support. As a Business to business(B2B) service, WatCities designs and manufactures UV Disinfection Box as per the demand and deliver them directly to the corresponding clients.

Once the disinfection system is delivered to the location, WatCities trains the workers involved in sanitary napkin production on how to disinfect the items accurately.

In order to get to the next level, the project needs:

  1. Funding- With substantial funding, WatCities can conduct more technical research on its UVC-based product development. WatCities can also scale up, producing more UVC- Ultra Violet-C Irradiation Based Disinfection Systems. Given the opportunity, WatCities can launch its production unit to manufacture biodegradable and low-cost sanitary napkins and directly facilitate the women living in urban slums in big cities of Bangladesh.

  2. Marketing Skills-WatCities is a non-profit social enterprise, and its members are working to bring a positive change in sanitation in Bangladesh. However, a lack of funding and capacity building in marketing skills creates a gap for WatCities to create proper channels to reach potential clients and investors.

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