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#17 Empowering riverine women - River Cities as Method
Satya Maia Patchineelam, Netherlands

Empowering riverine women - River Cities as Method

Satya Maia Patchineelam, Netherlands

Initiative's goals and main activities 

The goal of the project is to create a business plan where riverine women that had their livelihood changed due to the construction of a hydropower dam can once again be independent. There are two main activities, one is to work together with the riverine women and learn their environment, needs and ambition, to together with them, create a business plan with materials found in their environment. The second activity is to gather the tools and knowledge and build a pedagogy plan to demonstrate the importance of the rivers and natural environment, and also the importance that community such as the riverine have to enable a sustainable lifestyle.

In order to get to the next level, the project needs:

To initiate the project is important for me to go to the field and initiate a conversation with the riverine women, understand their needs and desires. Share the knowledge with the locals, to be able to create a business plan.

It is very important to be humble and understand that my position in this project is to share my knowledge, but mostly learn from them, as they will guide me to what is realistic in that area. My approach to this project will not be top-down, not bottom-up, but an approach that is in the middle, where the aim is to learn with each other and come up with a plan together.

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