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#20 Kongestoon: An Innovative Solution for Climate Revolution
Sina Ataee, Iran

Kongestoon: An Innovative Solution for Climate Revolution

Sina Ataee, Iran

Initiative's goals and main activities 

Kongestoon is an innovative solution design that is aimed not only to revive the historical palm groves of Kong port but also to promote the environmental streams across the Persian Gulf and the Middle East region. In addition, this creative startup would affect socio-economic functions on both local and international scales significantly due to its innovative proposed process and platforms to do.

Nowadays, on the one hand, one of the main problems in the local level of urban management in small and middle cities is regarding available open green spaces due to the high cost of creating and maintaining, especially in dry climate conditions. On the other hand, increasing the temperature globally because of rising the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere continuously is an important concern for urban areas on a global scale.

So, we are going to present an innovative idea to not only empower the local municipality to develop the greenery but also it could influence climate change mitigation considerably. Briefly, it could be mentioned that Kongestoon is a dynamic platform for participating in cultivating date palm trees in Kong Historical Port by which approximately 75 hectares of palm groves will revive during the next 15 years. Kongestoon's platform provides a participatory environment in which every person could buy a date palm tree individually or she/he can partner with others to buy a tree as well. There is no limit to the number of trees to buy by one person.

 Hence, Kongestoon provides a crowdfunding process to make a climate revolution. Furthermore, Kongestoon is designed to make the names of participants lasting by developing gamification features. Kongestoon tends to accompany participants in this environmental case and secures loyal customers over the years. The SMART goal of this project in the mid-term is: "Regeneration of 14.2-hectare of historical groves in Kong port through cultivating 5000 date palm trees by innovative crowdfunding process for 6 years".

 To achieve this SMART goal a three-step process is designed:

  1.  Ordering: Everyone can order her/his date palm tree(s)

  2. Eternalizing your name: After ordering, the date palm tree(s) would be marked by the participants' names for ten years (as a physical Plaque and NFT).

  3. Choosing participation plan: Everyone could choose different plans for her/his palm tree(s) including: a) Receive an annual share of the date tree(s) b) Enjoying tourist and recreational facilities in Kong by using Palm Credit: which is equivalent to the monetary share of the annual palm tree(s) crop C) adopting the monetary value of the annual date palm tree(s) crop to digital coins. D) Donating the annual date palm tree(s) crop or its equivalent monetary value

In order to get to the next level, the project needs:

International support for sharing and learning much more than now as well as expanding the social networks and developing collaboration opportunities is the next level to achieve.

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