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#22 Gardening the street light
Xiaozhou Zhu, Netherlands

Gardening the street light

Xiaozhou Zhu, Netherlands

Initiative's goals and main activities 

Street light is a typological urban element that marks the human active zones. We dream big - to restore nature in the city, and we start small - gardening the street light. We are gardening the metal poles with greenery, birdhouse, and insects hotel, it creates a mini-ecosystem to clean the air, cool the city and link biodiversity.

It’s scalable, modular, easy to start with and potentially spread around for bigger environmental synergy. We propose a catalogue of plants and add-on and a manual on how to make it.

Different neighbourhoods could organise workshops to select from the catalogue and build it together. We imagine this project contributes to a community that has greener, healthier, and stronger social bonds.

 To achieve this SMART goal a three-step process is designed:

  1.  Ordering: Everyone can order her/his date palm tree(s)

  2. Eternalizing your name: After ordering, the date palm tree(s) would be marked by the participants' names for ten years (as a physical Plaque and NFT).

  3. Choosing participation plan: Everyone could choose different plans for her/his palm tree(s) including: a) Receive an annual share of the date tree(s) b) Enjoying tourist and recreational facilities in Kong by using Palm Credit: which is equivalent to the monetary share of the annual palm tree(s) crop C) adopting the monetary value of the annual date palm tree(s) crop to digital coins. D) Donating the annual date palm tree(s) crop or its equivalent monetary value

In order to get to the next level, the project needs:

IWe would need support from stakeholders and communities to find a test site. Also the professional consultants and makers will be part of design and technical development.

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