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#3 SMALLMOVEMENTS INITIATIVE: A collaborative platform for revitalization and rejuvenation of historic urban pockets
Arash Samiei Esfahni, Iran

SMALLMOVEMENTS INITIATIVE: A collaborative platform for revitalization and rejuvenation of historic urban pockets

Arash Samiei Esfahani, Iran

Initiative's goals and main activities 

  • Returning art and artisans to the process of urbanism

  • Retrieving the local citizen's culture and injecting them into urban spaces aim to increase the livability index within deprived urban zones - Attraction the attention of the developers to targeted sites (historic urban pockets) for investing aims to save urban heritage values and develop the cultural economy.

  • Contributing to local communities by making new job opportunities based on their potential and urban capacities aims to develop creative industry.

  • Developing and boosting communication between different contributors to urban revitalization projects. SMALLMOVEMENTS INITIATIVE is a hybrid framework for making trust between developers, municipalities and local people, helping to finance urban revitalization projects, mitigating social challenges and regenerating beauties of urban heritage values in historical and deprived urban textures. The mail activities for each project are included of following items: - Selecting a targeted place in nominated cities;

  • Discovering the memories of the places through communicating with adjacent local people and surveying the site and historic structures related to the place.

  • Running different exhibitions from the memories of the place in favour of local communities and with them for making the inspiration of new plan for the targeted place.

  • Running a competition for generating revitalization plans through different teams all around the world engaging with the local community's demands and interests.

  • Implementation of the urban beautification phase of the winner plan contributing with artists and local people.

In order to get to the next level, the project needs:

The approach of this initiative has been embraced by the Municipality of Vienna and I am honoured to have gotten promising feedback from the Vice-chancellor of the mayor Ms. Kathrin Gaál. Hence, I need teamwork in the first next step. And I guess the IHS urban professionals network can help me too much for this step. Furthermore, I guess I need a local partner in Vienna that I assume the faculty of the art studies at Vienna university is the most appropriate option. I estimate if I can engage with this award - incubation and facilitation process - I would have more chances to talk with the administrator of the renewal organization in Vienna municipality.

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