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#6 GEARTH 4.0 Intelligent System
Esthela Maria Espinoza, Ecuador

GEARTH 4.0 Intelligent System 

Esthela Maria Espinoza, Ecuador

Initiative's goals and main activities 

  • To develop an intelligent system (software) to generate, organize, keep, integrate and capitalize data, information, knowledge and experiences, to intervene in the production, use, transformation and management processes of bio-cultural spaces of neighborhoods and communities, in regards to sustainable development and common wealth.

  • To use this intelligent system (software) for planning, managing and governing cities and territories.

In order to get to the next level, the project needs:

To start validation in an urban neighborhood in the city of Cuenca (Barrio San Sebastian) in order to apply and test the platform, IMT structure and apps (info and network)

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