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#7 Subilo Academy
Fizzo Telebwe Chidakwa, Zambia

Subilo Academy

Fizzo Telebwe Chidakwa, Zambia

Initiative's goals and main activities 

  1. To provide the academic knowledge and practical survival skills to enable individual learners to become useful to themselves, their community and the rapid changing world

  2. The main activities include teaching learners and will also involve skills development training in carpentry and sustainable agriculture for household food security.

  3. Guidance and counselling for learners provision of food for vulnerable children

  4. A place for Community development and an information hub for surrounding communities

In order for the initiative to get to the next level:

  1. Financial support to enable Subilo management to complete pending projects

  2. Formation of partnerships with similar initiatives

  3. Agricultural, Tailoring, carpentry, poultry and bricklaying equipment and facilities to enable learners to acquire practical skills and help the school to be generating funds in order to be self-reliant

  4. Networking and publicity with international schools and fellowships to train our teachers

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