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"Boost your employability & networking skills: an IHS Career Workshop"

Facilitators Mansi Jasuja and Frank Eckelmans organized an engaging high tempo workshop to help students unlock their employability potential, as a part of the IHS&I student engagement programme at IHS

“In the final stages of the Master’s, many students start thinking differently about their employability and future career”.– Mansi Jasuja

With that in mind, the aim of this Career Workshop was to help students assess their own personality and personal development goals, as well as to give them an understanding about the power of networking. According to World Economic Forum, personality type impacts why one fancies a certain job over others. That’s why understanding your personality type could be a key factor in finding the career that makes you happy.

The workshop focused on multiple aspects of employability, such as self-assessment and vision, self-profiling via various means and in different intercultural situations and tools for building one’s network. The workshop offered important practical advice in this phase of reflection with questions like: “Who am I?”, “How do other people see me?”, “How can I meet people that inspire me or help me advance my professional and personal development?”.

The understanding why networking is a very valuable asset in one’s personal and work development was established using fun and interactive exercises and stories of personal experiences. The participants left feeling energized to start putting to practice the tools and tips they received during this workshop.

 “Tips for networking were very useful and the workshop helped me to reflect on my personality type.”

“I enjoyed the good interaction with students and facilitators.”


Mansi Jasuja Mansi Jasuja is an independent consultant working in the field of resilient urban development, climate change impacts and adaption. Mansi is working closely with the Royal Dutch Waternetwork (KNW) and also currently holds the position of President, IHS Alumni International Board (Erasmus University, Rotterdam). Originating from India and living in the Netherlands since the year 2000 has given Mansi the privilege to be a part of multiple worlds. She uses the opportunities of having this cultural duality for co-creating creative solutions, networking and facilitating processes. What gives her a lot of energy are interactions that involve catalysing change and inspiring soul-searching that incites moves towards a sustainable world.

Frank Eckelmans is a consultant, trainer and project manager with international experience. He specializes in evidence based design and uses data and dialogue to help improve working processes and work environments. As an experienced New Ways of Working consultant, he understands the impact of environments on people and their behavior and vice versa using personality assessment to gauge responses. Frank is an experienced trainer who through workshops stimulates conversations linking personal well being and productivity in order to depolarize decisions and involve stakeholders.

Katariina Kokkonen is a Marketing & Communications intern in Institute for Housing and Urban Development studies. She is studying International Business in JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland. With high interest in event management, she assisted Mansi Jasuja and Frank Eckelmans in logistics and execution of the workshops.


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