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Growth? How about degrowth?

You've heard about growth.

But have you heard of degrowth? It is a grass-roots movement of researchers and activists, thinkers and practitioners, all concerned with the way that society, economy and ecology interlink, framed by the mainstream failure to consider limits to growth on our planet earth.

It is an exciting movement to be a part of as more and more people are convinced of the need to rethink and retool the dominant economic and social system that we all take part in.

This summer, from August 30 to September 3, Degrowth is holding its 5th international conference in Budapest, following successful conferences in Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Leipzig.

Also of interest: Degrowth summer school, 4th-15th July in Barcelona-Cerbère.

Degrowth connects to fundamental issues that are important to cities, although it goes beyond that as well. In essence, nearly all aspects of society are concerned. Just to give you a sampling:

Environmental justice Political ecology The Commons Conviviality The economic system Growth Happiness Peak-oil Indignados (Occupy) Urban gardening Work sharing

... and much more.

For those fast enough, paper proposals are still being accepted through February 29.

See also the facebook page.


Author: Justin Hyatt, Urban Management and Development MSc student at IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam

"I am an avid cyclist and energetic promoter of sustainable transportation. I like to think that I follow in the footsteps of Jane Jacobs, Ivan Illich and Christopher Alexander. I came from Budapest to Rotterdam to take a closer look at "how cities work" in the MSc Program offered by IHS. Previously, I worked for such diverse projects as "Social Bike business" in Budapest or Youth council project in Sousse, Tunisia. I also enjoy writing and have worked as a journalist. My stations in life before The Netherlands have included Hungary, Tunisia, Czech Republic, USA, Bulgaria, Germany and Austria."


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