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Join the Real Play City Challenge!

IHS Alumna and co-founder of Huasipichanga, Viviana Cordero, is part of a unique project that you can get involved in too!

Huasipichanga is organizing a challenge to add child-friendly, safe and playful spaces in cities.

This open call is for all urban planners, architects, activists and artists who have implemented such initiatives. If the best idea is yours, you can be rewarded with up to €12.000 funding to scale up your initiative, as well as workshops and international showcase. The deadline for submitting your proposal in the 4th of October 2020, so hurry up!

For more information about the project, visit

To find out more about child-friendly, safe and playful urban practices that could be useful for the challenge, watch Huasipichanga’s open webinar here.


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