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Justin's reflections after 3 years in the IHS Alumni International Board

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

By Justin Hyatt, Community and Network Builder, 2017-2020

Dear IHS alumni network

and everyone who is in any way connected to this wonderful network,

It has been an intense pleasure to be able to serve you these past years and to get to know many more alumni, beyond my own batch. It is by being able to meet IHS alumni on a rooftop restaurant in Bangalore or in the backroom of a cafe in Dhaka, during silly alumni games at IHS where we asked irreverent questions just to embarrass you, or while taking part in the production of the urban professional award ceremony in Rotterdam and Abu Dhabi. These are just a few places where I have gotten ,to know the many different faces of IHS alumni, and where I have developed a great fondness for this special group of people. I always maintained that the alumni network is one of IHS's most important assets, and one that can never be explored enough. I will miss being on the board, but I look forward to many future interactions. I would also like to thank the regional advisors for being there these past years and for being keen to be a part of the body of active alumni.

Long live IHSAI!

Warm regards,

Justin Hyatt,

Community and Network Builder


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