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Your one shot urban spot

We are proud to present the official online platform for all the alumni of IHS (Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies), Erasmus University Rotterdam!

This online platform is intended to share knowledge, stories, trends, events, research, best and worst practices, opportunities and challenges linked with urban management and development. The alumni of IHS and the former and current academic staff would be the drivers behind these stories. So come out with your opinions and your observations! Maybe even a thought-inspiring photo - cause we know that a photo can replace a 1000 words.

Why another urban blog?

The world is in rapid transition and cities more so than ever. As we enter the "urban millennium", half of the world’s people are living in towns and cities, with 180,000 people added to the urban population each day!

IHS is an international centre of excellence of the School of Economics (ESE) and the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, operating on a global scale by offering post-graduate education, training, advisory services and applied research. IHS has been active for over 50 years and has produced in this time over 8000 alumni working in the field of urban development and management all over the world. Imagine the level of experience and competence amongst these professionals. This blog gives a voice and a platform to these excellent experts and we would like to share their expertise with the world.

Habitat III

If you are 20 years old, you’ve already witnessed some great changes in the world. Since your birth, there are 1.4 billion increase of population in urban areas around the world from a 2.6 billion in 1995, 95% of these in developing countries, a majority in Asia. Likewise, there are 160 more million+ cities now while there were 269 cities of 1 million+ people. Again, mostly in the developing countries, a majority in Asia.

Yes, a lot has changed in the world since the Habitat II conference in Istanbul in 1996. The Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador in October 2016 shall reinvigorate the global commitment to sustainable urbanisation, to focus on the implementation of a “New Urban Agenda”.

IHS AI Board is also busy preparing to contribute to the Habitat III conference and represent the achievements of IHS in urban development during this important event. We welcome your support and ideas during this period. You can do so in the form of a blog post that tells a story of any interesting urban development issue in your region or city. Please take up contact with us!


Mansi Jasuja is an urban environmental professional working in the field of water resilient urban development, climate change impacts and adaption. She is very passionate about sustainability and sustainable lifestyles. She is currently the President of the IHS Alumni International Board.


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