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How are cities going to build back after COVID-19? What about the ‘silver lining’?

No doubt, the Corona virus has radically reshaped life on earth, primarily in cities. Nothing is normal any more and many temporary changes have been made. While a lot of people are truly suffering because of the virus or the draconian measures taken to control the virus, there has also been a silver lining - namely the fact that streets have become tamer - almost overnight - and the air a lot cleaner. Residents in Mumbai can see stars from within their city for the first time ever. Many lives will also be saved, as a result of cleaner air and fewer traffic crashes.

A number of cities are saying: “Let’s not go back to business as usual!” Currently huge changes are in store for residents in Milan, Brussels, London, Paris, Tirana and many more cities. Progressive leaders are using the opportunity to consider options of ‘building back better’ and making cities more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, reversing the dominance of car culture.

Alumni Board member Justin Hyatt is tracking these extraordinary circumstances and is developing a blueprint for an international effort to advocate for a systemic shift of urban transport in our cities. This may very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform our urban spheres so quickly. For anyone interested, please contact Justin at


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