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Put your talent to use- NRP Master Prize

Do you have the prize-winning idea for transformations and innovations of the future? Or maybe your thesis is about public space transformation and urban innovation? How about the talent to bring forward your great idea? Would you like to introduce your idea to the companies affiliated with NRP? IHS would like to invite its talented graduates to participate in this competition organised by the NRP. The NRP Master Prize gives you the chance to bring your idea to the market.

NRP is a unique network that consists of more than 90 private parties from all over the real estate sector. Together they create conditions that make redevelopments and investments in existing real estate more attractive.

So, submit your idea for the great opportunity of being recognised by the companies working closely with the NRP. If your idea is interesting or suitable enough, you might even get offered a place to work in these companies. Moreover, your idea will gain a lot of publicity in the media due to the collaboration with our media partners. Last but not least, your idea could end up in the academic program of the NRP Academy.

Based on their expert judgment to the jury from the entries selected to present up to three nominees who receive the opportunity to present their submission to the jury. After jury deliberations, the jury determines the winner. In 2016, the prize is:

1st prize: € 3000, -  2nd prize: € 2000, - 3rd prize: € 1000, -

In November 2015, the first NRP Master Prize awarded to Hannah Schubert. She graduated from the Academy of Architecture. With her thesis 'Second Nature', she made a great impression on the jury. Hannah Schubert was very excited after winning the first NRP Master Award. "It is truly an honour to win this award. This prize gives me the great opportunity to apply my thesis research to a professional internship".

So are you a talented IHS graduate with a great idea on urban development? Do you think your idea has what it takes? Then submit your application for the NRP Prize before the 31st August 2016. To find out more about the prize and its procedure, check out its regulations and submit your application through the NRP website!


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