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Yanu's reflection after 3 years in the IHS Alumni International Board

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

By Yanu Ramirez, Vice-president IHS Alumni International Board, 2017-2020

Life gives us chances to close circles and continue paths. Being part of the alumni board had a wonderful impact on my personal chapter when I moved from Honduras to live in Poland back in July 2017. The board acted as an anchor in a time filled with many new things to adapt to. It linked me to a place I really knew and liked, to urban issues close to my heart, allowed me to meet and work with interesting people and be part of the excitement and international spirit that will always surround IHS. I can only smile and hope our work during these years, was also helpful for the rest of the alumni. We tried giving a voice through our webinars and posts and encouraged people to share their interesting stories and their years of experience. I'm already looking forward to the new board and new ideas and wishing them the best on 2021 and 2022!


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